How to be Healthier this Year

A New Year is an exciting time. It holds many new possibilities and wonders of what the year will hold. It is a unique time to envision how you would like to live in the coming year and allows you to, most famously, make resolution. One of the most common resolutions is some variation of “loosing weight”, “eating healthier”, or “working out more”. These are all awesome resolutions but can be hard to maintain if you approach them wrong. As I’ve talked about before, loosing weight or eating healthier is more of a lifestyle and is not just a simple quick restrictive diet. It is important to maintain positivity and excitement when approaching these goals, and follow the right path. Here are some awesome ways to make this year healthier!

  • Make a routine of working out. It is important to find a workout that you enjoy, this will make it more likely that you stick to your workout routine all year. Also don’t go too crazy, if you are used to working out once of week or occasionally, it is probably a little too much to resolve to workout twice a day for the rest of the year. Sure you could make it through your first week or maybe even month, but it is likely you will get burnt out of life will get busy and other priorities will keep you from this resolution. Instead resolve to workout 3, 5, more times each month. Or maybe resolve to become a regular at a class at a nearby studio or gym.

  • Sign up for a race later in the year. Commit now to a race that interest and challenges you. Maybe you’d love to try a triathlon, or you’ve never gone past a 5k race but want to shoot for a 10k, half- marathon, or maybe even a marathon if your already an avid runner. Maybe a race that incorporates obstacles and other challenges such as a spartan race interest you. Whatever it is, do some research and sign up now! This way you have something later in the year holding you accountable now to train for. This will also give you plenty of time to ease into your training so you are ready and confident race day!
  • Resolve to give up “_______”. The blank could be filled with whatever you find necessary. Maybe your weakness is that you over indulge in sweets, or you love soda. This year pick one thing or small category of things you are going to give up. Don’t make anything too drastic that will leave you wondering what you can eat now, but something that will still be a challenge and help you live a little healthier. And like anything give yourself grace, it’s not easy to give up things you love and are used to eating, so if you slip up one day, thats okay! What is important is that you pick it up again the next day and stay positive.
  • Start cooking more of your meals. If this is not something you are used to, yes in can be more time consuming, but it does give you total control over what you are putting into your body and nourishing yourself with. By cooking for yourself you can look up healthy recipes that look good to you. This way you have food you love, and you know the ingredients are good. Many times when we eat out it is hard to know exactly what you are eating. We can find ourselves going for a quick and easy option instead of looking for something healthy. By cooking your own food you will be more motivated to make yourself healthy meals and have control over the ingredients that go into them.

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