How to Enjoy Working Out

Working out can be a daunting task, while it it’s an obvious answer for how to get in better shape there are a million things that can get in the way and make it less than appealing. I know that for many people it can be hard to find the time or motivation to work out and working out can becoming a chore. With this mindset I can understand the reluctance to work out. The last thing we need in our busy schedules is another daunting task. Instead I think it is important to be excited to work out, with this mindset you will find yourself working out frequently without having to consciously make yourself, and you will feel great afterwards!

  1. My biggest tip is to do a workout you enjoy doing! I think working out can get the rep of having to be hard and unenjoyable in order to be effective. However I believe this to work the opposite way. If you don’t enjoy your workout than you likely to not be as motivated and therefore won’t push through that extra set or go for the heavier weights. If your doing something you enjoy the workout will go by quicker and you will be excited and inspired to work harder. There are thousands of different types of workouts out there so experiment and find one you love. Some of my favorites are kickboxing, running, barre, and HIIT (I have a blog post up of a quick workout set up of this). Once you find a good workout you will look forward to working out and it came become a fun release in your day instead of a daunting chore. 
  2. Another important thing I find is to listen to yourself. If you are having an off day or just a little extra tired one day, don’t get too down on yourself for not having the best workout. If you hold yourself to crazy expectations every day and disappoint yourself one day you will likely end up feeling less excited and motivated to workout. There’s no bad workout, if you got yourself there and you’re moving then good job!
  3. Finally I like to find workout buddies or attend a group workout classes. Working out with other people motivates you and keeps you accountable. If you know you and your friend are planning on getting up early for a run tomorrow you’re less likely to hit snooze when the morning comes. Similarly working in groups or even just attending a class puts you in positive environment and pushes you to work hard. 


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