My Favorite Healthy Snacks 

These are some of my favorite snacks to bring with me while I’m on the go. It can be hard to snack healthy especially if you are left to what is in a nearby vending machine or the closest gas station. I love to keep one of these healthy snacks in my bag or car just in case. Add these to lunches, have as a mid-day snacks, or bring while traveling. 

Dried Mango

Veggies such as baby carrots or cherry tomatoes

Almonds (nut mixes are also great!)

Berries or cut up fruit

Here are a couple of my favorite brands of snacks that can be conveniently found at most grocery stores!

Larabars- I love these delicious bars! The base of all the flavors are just dates and a type of nut, they have so many yummy flavors to try as well.

Dried fruit strips- There are several brands of these, I recently fell in love with KIND’s version with chia seeds. 

Barnana- These are dried bananas, the company also has some covered in dark chocolate and peanut butter which are great frozen as a treat!

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