Fitting in Working Out on a Busy Schedule

Working out has endless benefits and is important to fit into you schedule, however it can seem impossible to fit in a workout to an already hectic schedule. Heres some tips to making sure to get your daily sweat on!


  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier. You don’t need hours to get in a good workout, by setting you alarm 30 minutes earlier you can get in a good workout before even starting your day. There are numerous 5-30 minutes working routines you can find online or on social media.

  • Use your lunch break. Many gyms schedule a lunch time class for this very reason, you could also head to the gym for a quick routine. 


  • Run or ride your bike instead of driving. Try riding your bike or running to work to get in a workout that is also gets you where you need to go. You can also opt to walk to nearby places instead of driving. For example decide to walk to get lunch or pick up toothpaste from a nearby Target. 


  • Being active does not need to be only during a designated “work out” time. There are many little changes you can make to your day to burn a couple extra calories. For example most places with an escalator also have stairs, so choose to walk up the stairs instead of mindlessly riding up an escalator. When your parking instead of driving up and down the parking lot searching for the closest spot park further away so that you have a little walk. 

So while the pressure of getting an excellent workout it every day can seem daunting the reality is working out doesn’t need to be and elaborate event and can be fit into your schedule with a little determination!  

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